Offenbacher Iron Works ~ Our New Shop

In the spring of 2010, construction began on our new shop.

Specifically designed for welding of all types, it is 40' x 60' (2,400 square feet) with 12' walls and sits on a 6" thick reinforced, concrete slab. There are three sliding doors that measure 14' x 14', 12' x 12', and 10' x 10'.

The building is designed to handle large trucks and machinery, but will also have the ability to do intricate repairs on small parts and machines. There is easy access from the highway and plenty of parking. The shop is the only commercial size welding shop in the area.

Below are some photos of the outside of the shop and the surrounding area. Hover your mouse over the thumbnail to see a larger photo. Hover it long enough to see the pop-up caption.

A pastoral view of cattle grazing.
The shop with wild grapevines in the foreground.
A century-old barn, haying equipment, and an irrigation ditch outside the shop.
The shop as viewed from the highway.
An inside view of the shop's trusses.

Although basic construction of the shell was completed in late summer, the internal support systems have yet to be installed. They will include...

  • Metal halide lighting
  • Office space
  • Heating and cooling
  • Bathroom

Offenbacher Iron Works caters to the diverse needs of the local community, including...

  • Vineyards
  • Farm repairs
  • Heavy equipment repair
  • Ornamental iron works
  • Custom metal gates
  • Portable welding and repairs
  • Pipe welding
  • Irrigation pipe repairs