Welding & Cutting Processes 

Today’s welder must be able to weld many types of metals with various welding machines and techniques. Some of the most common types of welding and cutting processes that we use are listed and explained below:

GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) also known as TIG or HeliArc welding. This process is generally used for intricate small welds where high quality is required. This process uses a Tungsten Electrode and 100% Argon as a shielding gas. We often use this process for Aluminum items such as: irrigation pipe, RV or ATV repairs, tanks, pump housings etc. Occasionally we will use GTAW for high quality steel welds for piping, ornamental items, thin metal or very small parts.

GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding) also known as MIG. This is a wire feed type of welding that uses a mixture of Co2 and Argon as a shielding gas. This process is the easiest to learn and produces a very nice weld in any position. We use MIG when speed and quality are desired. Our Miller 252 welder is the best on the market and it produces exceptional welds. In addition our Miller 252 has a built in “spool gun”, the gun allows for longer reach as is mostly used for heavy aluminum welds such as truck beds, tool boxes, thick aluminum pipe etc.

FCAW (Flux Cored Arc Welding) also known as Dual Shield Welding. This process is for very large metal parts such as excavator or backhoe bucket repair, farm equipment or steel plate over ½ “ thick. FCAW is similar to GMAW in that it uses a wire feeder and shielding gas, but in addition there is flux inside the wire to allow a higher voltage and faster wire speed.

SMAW (Shielded Metal Arc Welding) commonly called stick welding or ark welding. This process uses a flux coated steel rod powered by either AC or DC current. The advantages of SMAW are quick set up, and dozens of different types of welding rods available for specific weld characteristics. We use SMAW in the shop for repair welding and cast iron work or for hard-facing earthmoving equipment. The other advantage of SMAW is that it can be used in the field for repair or fabrication during any weather condition. Our trailer mounted MultiQuip 225 Welder also has a 10,000 watt generator to power other tools, lights, grinders etc.

Flame Cutting and Welding. The Oxyfuel process is used to flame cut thick metal parts, heating bent parts and for cast iron brazing. It is also portable and is used on jobs out of the shop.

Plasma Cutting. The Plasma cutter uses an ionized gas process for precision cuts on most metals. We like the plasma cutter for making ornamental items or intricate cuts on small parts.